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Several of us were assigned to combat motion picture teams working directly for the DOD. When not on missions we stayed in Saigon.

Bernie and I spent about two months at Long Bien as combat photographers. I was actually an Audio Specialist, but was being cross-trained in photography. This was mainly because there were no open slots at the time for my military occupational specialty (MOS = my job classification).  Bernie previously worked as a photographer while in the Army in Panama. I had worked at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, as an electronics/audio instructor and then for a few months at the TV station.

While at Fort Monmouth, I met a young lieutenant by the name of Jack Seifert.  Jack was the executive officer of my company -Whiskey Company- and also attended Audio Specialist training while I was an instructor.  Jack was a great officer being exceptionally bright and very fair-minded.  He was the type of officer that you could not only respect, but really get to like as well - which we did very much, incidentally.

Bernie and I met the day after we both arrived in Vietnam, became friends and were practically inseparable from that point on. Jack and I, on the other hand, literally ran into one day while walking across the compound at the 221st Signal Company at Long Bien post.  It was a great reunion!  Shortly after this meeting  Jack asked Bernie and me, if we'd be interested in "Operation Holly." Operation Holly involved filming all of the Bob Hope shows, making copies of the film, and then showing them to anyone unable to attend in person.  Of course we accepted.

Shortly after returning from the filming the shows, both Bernie and I were assigned to the same (of course) Department of Defense Motion picture team.  We worked all different types of assignments and got to travel to quite a few different countries, which helped to make up for any of the bad stuff we might have had to do.

Well, it's been a long time since I've worked with Bernie and Jack, but I don't think a day has ever gone by that I haven't thought about them or the times we shared. I have spoken to Bernie since returning home, but completely lost track of Jack. I believe he went into television production work, which is what he went to school and trained for.  I saw the name Jack Seifert, producer, on a couple of TV shows, but I'm not sure that it was him.  The two shows were "What's My Line" and "Bosom Buddies."  Jack, if you're reading this, please drop me a line and let me know how you're doing.

Jack found my website and did read this! He found it somehow using one of the Internet searches. He is indeed working in television production and has two shows going simultaneously. So, we've been corresponding via email and hope to have an actual conversation in the near future...